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Dr. Jeannette Gagan was the sixth child of ten children of a Catholic family and lived in a small town in Illinois. When she graduated from high school, she attended Marquette University in Milwaukee Wisconsin and obtained a degree in nursing. She worked in a veteran’s hospital for a year where she met her husband who was a medical intern.

They moved to Albuquerque New Mexico where he practiced as a family physician. Then they moved back to Wisconsin where he worked in a medical clinic. By that time they had five children and were having doubts about continuing to be Catholic and ultimately left the Catholic Church. They also became involved in the Civil Rights movement and when an ex-priest led a Civil Rights march through the town they lived in, they did not hesitate to become involved.

After considerable reflection it was decided that their family would travel around the United States, which they did, as they traveled in a van and small trailer. They did not eat in restaurants and cooked food in the trailer. They met many interesting people on this trip which broadened their perspective of how the world is inhabited by multiple varieties of human beings. On their return to New Mexico, they settled in a village north of Espanola where Dr. Gagan’s husband worked in the emergency room of the hospital. Eventually, they moved to Santa Fe where the schools were better. She was a “stay at home Mom” which she enjoyed, and when the children were grown and left home, she commuted to the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, where she obtained a master’s degree in mental health nursing. Then she worked as a mental health counselor in Santa Fe. Subsequently, she realized she wanted to obtain a PhD in psychology, which again involved the commute to Albuquerque. By this time all of the children were out on their own, which resulted in her reflecting on the state of her marriage, which was most unfavorable. Her husband was not interested in spirituality and stated he was an agnostic. Consequently, she decided to live separately from him and in 1991, they divorced. However, on the day of the divorce, they vowed not to speak poorly to their children about each other and to remain friends, which they did. She had a private psychology practice in Santa Fe which she enjoyed, began to learn about shamanism—even traveled to South America to learn more about it. When she returned to New Mexico, someone told her that she needed to meet Twylah Nitsch, who lived in upstate New York, who welcomed her into her home. She spent many hours telling her her life history while emphasizing that she also is a Shaman. My first book, JOURNEYING, is a result of this, as she wanted others to know that journeying is a blessed way to heal oneself. Ultimately, what occurred is that she came into the memory of having been sexually abused in her childhood. This was a total shock to her, and gradually psychologically and spiritually, she endured a collapse. She no longer could teach others or have a psychology practice. She confined herself to her home except for being treated by a psychologist, who put wires on her head through which electricity went into the neurons in her brain and cured her for which she is grateful. She then authored GROW UP YOUR EGO: TEN SCIENTICALLY VALIDATED STAGES TO EMOTIONAL AND SPRITUAL MATURITY.

The Paradoxical Return of the Feminine

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